December 13th, 2014New Site for Vines

The new website for Vines Grill & Wine Bar is now live, showcasing details of their upcoming and recent events as well as their fabulous food.

Located on the grounds of Ballyneety Golf Course, Vines combines fabulous views of its surroundings with modern dishes produced from locally sourced ingredients and specially selected wines from around the world.

The responsive site offers an impactful experience on PC or laptop while ensuring that smartphone and tablet users can also access key information quickly & easily while on the go.

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October 16th, 2014Upgrade for Gareth Byrne

The new website for Gareth Byrne Photography in Dublin is now live.

This upgrade was developed with "site progression" in mind, maintaining the core design of the previous site while adding fully-responsive layout and gallery controls to subtly adapt the view, layout and user interaction depending on the device being used to access the site.

The website's portfolio galleries when on PC retain a similar layout to the previous site, but with larger images for larger monitors, while the tablet and smartphone views include thumbnails, next/back buttons and swipe navigation as appropriate.

As with all OnSight sites, the maximises search-engine visibility while the images also load progressively as the user scrolls, allowing the use of larger, better quality image resolutions - particularly important to emphasise Gareth's ability to capture pin-sharp architectural features.

The client viewing & ordering system within the site also optimises itself to allow viewing and ordering on all devices.

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September 30th, 2014Happy Anniversary Cormac!

The new website for Cormac Byrne Photography in Limerick is now live.

Designed in collaboration with sml as part of their rebranding of Cormac's business for his 21st anniversary, the new site is fully responsive, auto-adjusting its layout and functionality depending on the device with which it is being accessed - be that PC, tablet or smartphone.

The galleries within the site contain every available navigation feature; from easily-understood thumbnails and next/back buttons to swiping and other gestures, while the entire site is set up to maximise search-engine visibility and make the most of the content.

The images also load progressively as the user scrolls, facilitating the use of larger, better quality image resolutions while avoiding impacting on the site's responsiveness and load time.

Check it out via the link below.

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June 30th, 2014Ruth's upgrade goes live

The new website for Ruth Foran & Martin Sauvage is now live.

This is a significant upgrade to the visual and functional impact of the site and it also provides a fully-responsive web presence which optimises its layout for multiple tablet devices and smartphones.

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May 1st, 2014Image Masters Studio goes live

The new website for Image Masters Studio is now live.

This new site for long-established IPPA photographer Martin Carr showcases the extensive range of wedding, portrait, school and college photography services provided in Gorey and Wexford.

Check it out via the link below.

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