September 30th, 2010IPPA Orientation Day

The next IPPA Orientation Day for New Licentiates will take place on Thursday, September 30th at IPPA Headquarters in Muirfield Drive, Dublin, and OnSight will once again be presenting a talk on the various approaches that you can take to avail of the opportunities that a professionally-designed website can offer you.

Our presentation will give you insight into achieving the best return from your investment in your website, giving you invaluable information on the importance of domain name registration, consistent branding, website design and development, website features, promotion (including details of what search engines look for), website maintenance and the importance of regular updates.

We will also cover aspects of marketing via the internet, the dos and don'ts of email-based marketing and newsletters, and offer you information on avoiding and coping with unwanted SPAM, "phishing" attempts and other intrusive behaviour.

Please note that this is not a public event; it is open to new IPPA Licentiate members only

If you are a new IPPA Licentiate, please accept our congratulations on your achievement, and we look forward to meeting you on September 30th at the IPPA Headquarters in Muirfield Drive.

If you are ineligible or unable to make it to the Orientation Day, you are welcome to download our Powerpoint presentation to ensure that you don't miss anything.

September 23rd, 2010Update for Maurice Cloake

We have completed an upgrade for Maurice Cloake Photography, based in Wexford.

Maurice's existing site was developed by OnSight in 2007, and as a result was set up for smaller screen resolutions than newer sites; the upgrade changes this to provide larger images with the result that images have a bigger impact.

In addition, we have installed the OnSight SiteShell Content Management System (CMS) to allow Maurice to update the image galleries and latest news on the site himself.

We are delighted to note that despite the lack of frequent updates to the site to date, it is still responding well to search engines, appearing alongside fellow Wexford-based clients of ours on the first page of Google results for searches such as photographer wexford and wedding photographer wexford, which is an indication of how well the SiteShell system maximises your chances of being found and promotes your business.

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September 20th, 2010New Website for Little White Dog

The new website for Little White Dog is now up and running.

Little White Dog is a design company based in Dublin, Ireland, creating charming, original, beautifully presented gifts and cards.

Offering innovative, quirky handmade gift ideas, the site is easily updated via blog and shop RSS feeds.

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August 23rd, 2010New Website for Sarsfield Media

We have commenced work on a new website for Graham Sarsfield of Sarsfield Media Productions, a videographer based in Dunleer, Co. Louth.

More information on this project will be available soon.

August 13th, 2010Updates for Fusion Photography

We have updated a number of features on the Fusion Photography website, including Google Analytics and the ability for Keith & Jenny to upload images and information on their wedding albums & packages.

In addition, we are delighted to note that Keith & Jenny have highlighted that the site is iPhone and iPad compatible, facilitated by the fact that the SiteShell's advanced image preloading, slideshows and image galleries are all implemented without Flash.

Add in the recent testimonial that Keith was kind enough to pass on to us, and the feedback that he has been getting on the site, and we're delighted that another project is delivering the business for a valued client in the current difficult environment.

Comprised of wedding and corporate galleries, client testimonials, package details and a news & blog section, the site is easily updated using the SiteShell's inbuilt content management system.

The site also includes the OnSight Viewing & Ordering System, allowing their wedding and corporate clients to log in to view, compare and order their images.

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