June 25th, 2010Interactive Directions

We have just added interactive directions to the Achilles Clinic website, and we reckon it's a great feature to have!

While we would always have recommended having directions to your business on your site, this feature ensures that no matter where someone is coming from, or what distance, they can get their on the best possible route, as defined by Google Maps!

Use the link below to try out this feature for yourself!

[ www.achillesclinic.com ]

June 18th, 2010Viewing System Minor Update

A bug in the latest update to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 browser has caused a thumbnail display issue within our OnSight Viewing & Ordering System.

As we are unsure when Microsoft will correct this issue, we have scheduled an automatic, free-of-charge update to all current clients which will resolve the issue encountered.

If you are a client of ours with an up-to-date installation of the Viewing System, and you or your clients encounter any issues when using Internet Explorer 8, please contact us to ensure that your free update has either been rolled out, or is scheduled for roll-out, to your website.

This update reflects OnSight's commitment to ensure that your website will continue to operate hassle-free; and rest assured that - despite the tongue-in-cheek graphic that accompanies this news entry - we will continue our endeavours to find timely solutions to any non-standards-compliant browser issues that may arise from time to time due to automatic updates.

June 17th, 2010Rima Chalhoub

We have just developed a new website for Rima Chalhoub, a beauty therapist based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The new site is up and running, subject to some final changes and the addition of image galleries.

[ www.rimachalhoub.com ]

June 10th, 2010Janet Gillanders Photography

The new website for Janet Gillanders, a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, is now up and running.

Built using the OnSight Siteshell, the new site displays Janet's sample portfolios using easily-updated galleries, while behind-the-scenes, the SiteShell makes it easy for Janet to update the galleries, awards, latest news, testimonials and package information, while the system also ensures that the site gets maximum impact in search engines based on its content.

The site also includes the OnSight Viewing & Ordering System, allowing Janet to upload client galleries and have her clients view, compare and order not just individual prints, but to also select which images they want in their wedding album.

[ www.janetgillandersphoto.com ]

May 19th, 2010Prendergast Photography goes live

The new website for Jim Prendergast, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Portlaoise, is now up and running.

Built using the OnSight Siteshell, the new site displays Jim's wedding and portrait portfolios using easily-updated slideshows; behind-the-scenes, the SiteShell's preloading mechanism ensures that the site loads and responds as quickly as possible.

The site also includes a biography section and a context-sensitive contact form.

[ www.prendergastphotography.ie ]