February 28th, 2010New project for Gareth Byrne

We have just completed a new website for Gareth Byrne, whose new Property Image venture provides a range of architectural photography and building rating services.

Easily updated behind-the-scenes, the new site includes not only the standard SiteShell features, but also includes a number of subtle, innovative image display and navigation features.

[ www.propertyimage.ie ]

February 19th, 2010Upgrades for IPPA Website

OnSight is delighted to continue their successful association with the IPPA, with the launch of 2 new and exciting innovations on the site, which now boasts an online AIPPA Qualification Upload system as well as an innovative new calendar/diary facility.

AIPPA Qualification Upload

Following on from the success of the IPPA Photographic Awards system in 2010, the AIPPA Qualification Upload system allows members to submit 20 images in two panels of 10 images each; the panels can be rearranged online, and supporting documentation can also be submitted.

Judges can log in to the website to judge the submissions and pass comments, and the site administrator can then issue the photographer with their results via an integrated email notification system which incorporates both the panels and the individual images.

Online Calendar/Diary

The IPPA website now also includes an online diary, keeping all members up-to-date with all of the various activities across all of the IPPA, including not only training courses, upcoming events, and member news, but also in relation to the organisation's regional meetings, closing dates for competitions and other items of interest.

[ www.irishphotographers.com ]

February 5th, 2010Update for Cormac Byrne Photography

Cormac Byrne's comprehensive website has just undergone a significant upgrade, refreshed with a new "widescreen" format to maximise the impact of his impressive award-winning images.

We have also added some new features to the site during the upgrade, including an improved gallery system and keyboard navigation through the images.

[ www.cormacbyrne.ie ]

January 25th, 2010Blog Update for Gareth Byrne

We have just completed an update for Gareth Byrne, incorporating a "latest news" feature to the site.

Similar to recent updates for S.E.S. Digital and Ark Photography, this latest update allows Gareth to update this section of his site via a blog.

The OnSight SiteShell technology works behind-the-scenes to seamlessly and automatically integrate the news updates into the content pages of the main website, both through a news page and a "latest news" section on the site's home page.

[ www.garethbyrne.com ]

January 19th, 2010Update for Mark Harrison goes live

OnSight is delighted to announce that the new website for Mark Harrison, an IPPA wedding and event / PR photographer based in Bray, Co. Wicklow, is now live.

Powered by our SiteShell technology, the site includes weddings & event galleries, as well as extensive details of Mark's wedding packages and PR photography services, and a "latest news" section, all of which can be easily updated.

Images, testimonials and other content are displayed in number of innovative ways, including slideshows, and the contact form is subject-sensitive, automatically adapting its prompts and content to the type of booking or enquiry.

[ www.harrisonphotography.ie ]