October 16th, 2009New Site for Textile Print now live!

The new website for Textile Print & Embroidery, based on the Dock Road in Limerick, is now live.

Established in 2004, Textile Print & Embroidery supply quality uniforms, workwear, sportswear and eventwear - with or without logos.

The site includes samples of their product ranges, and is easily update to include new products, samples and special offers.

[ www.textileprint.ie ]

October 5th, 2009New Site for Anthony Kearney is now live!

The new website for Anthony Kearney, an SWPP photographer based in Ballyduff, Co. Kerry, is now up and running.

The site uses the OnSight SiteShell to provide Anythony with an easily-updated website with which to showcase his wedding, portrait, commercial, landscape and event photography from his North Kerry base.

Within the galleries, the site reads image captions directly from the image file, thereby improving search engine response, while the remainder of the site includes testimonials, wedding service and package details, background information, as well as news & special offers.

The site also includes a basic "client login" with which clients can preview their images.

[ www.kearneyimages.com ]

October 2nd, 2009Update your website - via your blog!

The OnSight SiteShell makes it easy to update your website, but we've just made updating your website even easier!

You can now update your blog and have the updates appear automatically and simultaneously in the "latest news" section of your website or homepage!

Not only does this make updating your site even easier, but it also ensures that photographers whose blogs are running via third-party "blog" providers end up promoting their own site via the updates and not the third-party site.

This quick and easy way of updating your site - using your blog software with which you are already familiar - is an excellent way of ensuring that your site gets updated frequently, and therefore registers even better with search engines like Google™

[ www.arkphotography.ie ]

September 17th, 2009New Website for Emer Sherlock goes live!

The new website for Emer Sherlock, an IPPA Photographer based in Dunboyne, Co. Meath has just gone fully live, showcasing Emer's wedding and portrait photography services, as well as providing details of her background, awards, and client testimonials.

Based on OnSight's SiteShell technology, the site is easily updated with new images, and will also incorporate a client login area using the OnSight Viewing & Ordering System.

[ www.emersherlock.com ]

September 15th, 2009New Website for Eric Molimard goes live!

The new website for Eric Molimard, a new IPPA Photographer based in Sallins, Co. Kildare, is now live, advertising Eric's wedding, portrait and fine art photography services.

Based on OnSight's SiteShell technology, the site is easily updated, and showcases a selection of sample image galleries to potential clients, as well as client testimonials, and allows clients to purchase images from Eric's fine art portfolio.

[ www.biggerpicture.ie ]