August 21st, goes live!

The new website for John Burke at is now up and running!

This innovative site not only incorporates a home page slideshow and an innovative animated gallery (easily updated using the OnSight SiteShell) combined with album & package details & pricing pages, it also includes the OnSight Viewing & Ordering System, enabling John to upload client images for quick and easy viewing, comparing and ordering by his clients.

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August 20th, 2009Online Awards Voting for IPPA

We are delighted to announce that we have completed a further enhancement to the IPPA website; in addition to allowing members to upload their high-resolution awards entries from within their profile, the site now also allows IPPA Headquarters to assign the judging results via an online control panel and to issue an email to each member detailing their awards results.

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July 15th, 2009Viewing System Upgrade for Susan Jefferies Photography

We have completed an upgrade of the OnSight Viewing System for Susan Jefferies Photography.

One of our earlier clients to adopt the system, Susan and John have been using it successfully for over 2 years, and they can now avail of the many technological and usability improvements in the latest version to offer their clients an improved viewing and ordering experience.

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July 7th, 2009Animated Galleries - without Flash!

Everyone knows that having a Flash-only website is a bad idea, due to the fact that they practically ensure that your website will not appear in Google and other search engines.

So does that mean that you cannot have an "animated" gallery ?

Absolutely not!

OnSight's SiteShell can provide you with a slick, professional, animated gallery which does not adversely affect your search-engine ranking, and - when combined with our captioning add-on can actually improve it!

Not only that, but our advanced galleries include predictive preloading, which allows the images to be loaded as and when required, rather than having your visitor wait unnecessarily until a Flash movie reaches 100% loaded.

We're regularly asked what types of animations are possible, so here's a list for easy access and comparison.

  • Sliding navigation; animated display on rollover
  • Paged navigation; expand image on click
  • Single page with background preloading; expanding image on click
  • Paged thumbnails; overlaid display on click
  • Image index (no thumbnails); fading slideshow display on click
  • Paged thumbnails; fading display on rollover
Other combinations are possible, and remember that all or our SiteShell galleries can be self-managed, allowing you to update your website quickly and easily with new sample images!

Contact us today with your requirements!

July 6th, 2009New Project for

We have commenced work on a new website for John Burke at

More information on this project will be available soon.