July 26th, 2008Best of both worlds for Gareth Byrne Photography

The new site for Gareth Byrne, the award-winning architectural photographer based in Dublin, Ireland, is now live.

Following a recent rebranding, Gareth commissioned a company to produce a new Flash-based website to mirror his new logo and colour scheme, as well as having fading slideshows and the slicker overall feel associated with Flash sites.

The new site's look and feel was superb, however given the impact which Flash can have on the other three key areas of a website - ease-of-update, search engine response and usability - Gareth consulted with ourselves and with industry experts in Google; he then commissioned OnSight to rebuild the site to achieve the best of both worlds.

The site is based on the OnSight SiteShell AJAX technology, and displays a sample portfolio of Gareth's stunning images while allowing him to update the images and latest news sections with ease.

Navigational Impact

Image navigation within the galleries themselves is based on our latest SiteShell AJAX technology, providing a favourably-comparable "look and feel" to that which had been designed within the Flash website. We also carried the home-page slideshow fade effect across to within the image galleries themselves.

Auto-updating Features

Many elements of the site update automatically to minimise the amount of maintenance required for the site, including the image captions, the awards page layout and the copyright footer at the bottom of every page.

Easily Updated

All of the galleries can be easily updated within minutes, and images are automatically sized within the allocated screen area without any administration overhead. Captions are read directly from within the image files and displayed on-screen, thereby improving search-engine responsiveness and viewer information with minimum effort.

Additional images uploaded to the site's galleries are automatically included within the navigation.

Latest News & Awards

The site also allows quick and easy update of the awards page text, with the page automatically adjusting its own layout to best present the content.

Search Engine Response

The search engine's response to the updated site has - as expected - been extremely good, with the updated site now appearing on the first and second pages of Google™ searches for the relevant terms.

Client Login Area

As part of the upgrade, we also updated Gareth's Client Login Area - which OnSight had previously implemented for Gareth - to match the look and feel of the new site.

This site is geniunely the best of both worlds - Flash™-like functionality without any of the limitiations.

[ www.garethbyrne.com ]

July 25th, 2008New website for Michael Bamsey goes live!

We have just launched the new website for Michael Bamsey, an IPPA professional photographer who operates Ashling Photography in Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Using the OnSight SiteShell the contemporary design of the site showcases Michael's photography disciplines, while the image captioning facility assists with search engine placement, maximising the marketing exposure of the site.

[ www.ashlingphotography.com ]

July 18th, 2008New Quinn Property Management site live!

The new Quinn Property Management website is now live.

This modern and fresh-looking website provides all of the required information about this progressive property management company based in Ennis, Co. Clare, and is also simple to update with new properties, images and other information.

The site includes an innovative searchable database and also contains photo galleries and location maps for all of the available properties.

[ www.quinnproperty.com ]

July 17th, 2008New Website for John Burke

We have commenced work on a new web presence for John Burke, a photographer based in Trim, Co. Meath.

Based on the OnSight SiteShell, the new website will prove an impressive web presence, using AJAX technology and a clean, professional design to provide fading slideshows and fast-loading images on an easily-updated website, while the inbuilt search-engine optimisation features of the SiteShell will enable the site to be easily found on the web by potential clients.

More information on this project will be available soon.

May 21st, 2008'But I want to use Flash....'

Many photography websites nowadays are obsessed with the use of Flash - but do you need it and should you use it ?

There are pros and cons for using any technology, however there are some key points to consider when deciding whether or not to use Flash for your website.

  • Your site will be more difficult and more expensive to update
  • Your site will not show up in search engines such as Google
  • The loading time for your site will increase
  • Visitors to your site - assuming that they find it - will not be able to bookmark specific pages to return to them
So, bearing those in mind, think of what you want to achieve with your website and then decide the right tool for the job.

But what if I need it for fading effects & animations ?

While Flash is a phenomenally useful tool for developing complex interactive applications, we have rarely seen a website requirement which actually requires Flash.

Nowadays, impressive fading slideshows and animations can easily be performed without using Flash, and our belief is that all of the key elements for a successful, dynamic site are best served by standards-compliant AJAX-driven websites, providing a website which can match most of the Flash-style requirements while avoiding all of the negative impacts listed above.